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Blower Door & Duct Work Testing

At Energy Duct, we specialize in air leak testing services to help homeowners & businesses improve energy efficiency & indoor air quality.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is dedicated to providing reliable and accurate testing solutions to our clients.

Blower Door Testing In Chattanooga

Blower Door Testing

At Energy Duct, We Can Help You Airtight Your Home

  • A powerful fan gets mounted into the frame of an exterior door
  • We power on the fan and suck all of the air from the home
  • Digital gauges compare the interior vs exterior pressure to pinpoint any areas where leaks are letting in extra airflow
  • This allows us to know exactly what needs fixing!


An Energy Duct, We Can Help Ensure Your HVAC System Is Running Optimally

  • A fan is connected to the return grille
  • Once on, the fan increases in speed until leakage measurements can be made
  • For hard to identify duct leakage, thermal imaging can be used.
  • Airflow and pressure gauges are used to provide accurate readings.
  • This allows us to know exactly what needs fixing!
Duct Blaster Tests in Chattanooga

Save Money & Make Sure Your Home Isn’t Losing Energy.

Why Should You Get Duct & Blower Door Testing Done?

Drafty homes waste energy. And whether old or new, no home is 100% air tight. Discovering and repairing home air leaks is the first step towards better energy efficiency. A matter of fact, according to Energy Star testing, leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20 percent.

  • Blower Door Test

    Locate air leakage points near windows, doors, and exterior walls or penetrations. Learn More

  • Duct Blaster Test

    Duct blaster testing is an effective method for identifying air leaks and evaluating the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system.

  • A Great Value

    Cost-effective testing starting at $350


A Detailed Report
Highlights Air Leaks & Needed Repairs

At Energy Duct, we will walk you through a detailed report of your results and establish a plan for correcting any issues

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What Chattanooga Homeowners Are Saying

What Our Customers Say

Excellent! We use Casey for all our blow door testing on new construction. Top notch and always easy to reach, timely and does a great job! Strongly […]

Josh G.

We were extremely pleased with the service that was given. We live in an older home and have continually struggled with high power bills but could not figure out why. We tried to address many of the problems ourselves but the power bills never went down. We had Casey with Duct Works come in and […]

Will C.

Excellent service. We used Casey and his team for the energy duct testing on our new build. Casey and his team were very responsive, readily available and informative regarding the testing they provide. I would highly recommend for your testing […]

Holly S

Not Sure If You Need A Test?

Your Home Should Be Tested If…

  • If your home seems to get too hot, too cold
  • If your home stays humid/ or dry
  • If your power bill seems extremely high
  • Poor air quality
  • If your home was built before 2008
  • If you’ve had extensive remodeling
  • No Residential energy code compliance sheet in the breaker panel
  • Upper Respiratory Symptoms
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